The Feng Shui 2 Game Master's Aid

For iPad, iPhone and iPod

Feng Shui fights are not about the mechanics of combat. They are about the drama that unfolds between the combatants. The wild stunts that are attempted and the badassery of the players against overwhelming odds.

This app automates most of the mechanics of a Feng Shui fight. You, the GM, can now focus on the descriptive details of the action.

Make your game awesome!


  • Fully automates the Feng Shui 2 shot counter
  • Rolls attacks for foes; mook attacks can be rolled individually or as a group
  • Tracks damage for all characters
  • QR codes and hyperlinks in published adventures take you straight to the action in the app
  • Provides all of the sample foes from the core rulebook for creating your own adventures
  • Supports multiple campaigns

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